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Buying a home in December can be an excellent time to find a home…

“Buying a home in December can be an excellent time to find a home… That’s particularly true for buyers’ sick of losing out to others in the busier home buying real estate market.”

Federal reserve data shows that June July and August is the peak months to buy a home, Winter Is the bottom of the real estate market. The selling price varies between 5 to 7 percent on average. Winter being the “cheaper” time to buy according the the Atlantic (http://www.the Business/archive/2014/12/why-its-cheaper-to-buy-a-home-in-the-winter/383478).

The 5 Reasons given are:

  1. Limited competition
  2. Tax Benefits- Year end deductions-Mortgage interest, loan points, property taxes.
  3. Desperate sellers: People can be forced to sell in December for several reasons. A death in the family, financial pressure, Job relocation
  4. You get a realistic look at properties- With flowers gone and curb appeal at minimum, shoppers can more easily focus on the permanent features of the home such as:
    • How well the home is insulated
    • Whether you, feel cold drafts
    • Whether the window seals seem tight
    • How well the furnace is working
  5. Rates are still Low.

If you are ready to buy, why not consider buying in December. Feel free to contact me for assistance and a current market analysis of available homes.

George A. Mango, GRI,CBR,Green
Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker