Real Estate Tips by George Mango

Real Estate Tips

  1. Tip # In you search for a realtor look for an agent that makes you feel that they have your best interest in mind. This is essential for the success of the home buying process. You can measure their level of dedication by how well they listen to your needs, and how they translate into the properties they provide you to view.
  2. Tip # If you are an investor in the Real Estate Industry, similar to someone who is looking to purchase a home to live in. It is vital that you put yourself in your potential renter’s shoes, and ask yourself if you would want to rent the property. Challenge yourself to purchase properties that are appropriate for the market you intend to serve.
  3. Tip# Being an investor you should consider how you want your properties to be managed. There are a number of reputable companies that can help you both to screen applicants and maintain the grounds on a monthly basis for a small fee. Make sure that, if you take on the responsibility of managing your own property, “assess your commitment” to the process and take on the responsibility for aspects of it you will follow through on.
  4. Tip # Be sure to screen applicant’s and review renter’s credit history alongside their pattern of rental history. This will help you to choose responsible people. There are professional services that can streamline the process for you.
  5. Tip # Buy real estate in up and coming places with new improvements or remodeled qualities will help you entice and keep excellent renters’, and will maximize your rental income.
  6. Tip # Buy houses that with cost effective improvements can enhance value to the property. Keep in mind location, condition and eye appeal, & dollar investment.

These are my tips for the day. Give me a call if you need guidance or referral information. Happy house hunting.