How To Make Your Next Move A Smart And Stress-Free One

How To Make Your Next Move A Smart And Stress-Free One

If you are like me your home is filled with items of sentimental value, clothing that was at one time in style, shoes, electronic wires and equipment currently obsolete, older TV’s, furnishings that are being stored, old tools. Excessive number of knickknacks’. All in all having these possessions complicate our lives and we feel confined and stressed.  Minimalizing our living area will go a long way to free up our lives. While you should start today, this becomes more paramount and urgent when you are planning a move.

In the process of packing up your old home and preparing to move into a new one, you should take some time to pare down to the essentials. This can save you a tremendous amount of cash and it will also help you get a clean, fresh start in your new home. Following are several strategies for making your next move a smart and stress-free one.

One general rule about moving is that it is probably best to get rid of any items that you haven’t used in a year or more. This doesn’t include keepsakes and mementos that have obvious sentimental value. Instead, you should consider tossing out board games, toys, textbooks, stored newspapers and things that you’ll probably never go back to. This way, you can use the storage space in your new home far more efficiently and you’ll have less items that need to be transported.

Get rid of furnishings that are starting to break down, even if these items still look good. This refers to items that are being held together with wood glue rather than the hardware they initially came with. Desks and chairs with wobbly or missing pieces should be tossed out, given away or donated. These items are only likely to sustain more damage in transport. It will cost more to have movers haul them than it will to eventually replace them.

Go through your clothing and consider hosting a yard sale. This is a great time to clear out items that no longer fit your current style or that you no longer fit. With the money that you earn from these endeavors, it will be possible to offset your moving costs.

Find out whether or not there is a recycling community in your new area. These are groups that swap items that they no longer need. These are great communities to join as they can help you replace items you’ve had to toss out while also giving you a free way to get rid of your unwanted but still usable stuff.

Contact a furniture rental company in your area. You can use these entities to load up on essentials that you no longer have after you have tossed your broken items out. They might have rent to own items available as well. Using these services will allow you to cheaply get everything you need so that you can replace broken items gradually, rather than rushing to buy everything at once.

If you waited for the last minute and are in need of help your realtor has contacts for you to call.  There are companies that haul junk and clean out houses. Businesses that help you organize and sell items and a host of nonprofits the will accept donated items.  You realtor is your community contact, and would be only to happy to assist you.

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